We proudly present our unique system to play multi-squadron dynamic campaigns for "IL2 Sturmovik - Cliffs Of Dover" to the community.

It is a brand new system allowing multiple squadrons fighting in a two sided campaign. Squads can manage their own resources, move their ground units, manage the production of their factories, power plants, refineries and ship yards, arrange troop landings into enemy territory and, of course, fly air raids to attack enemy infrastructures and troops in multiplayer game sessions.  Besides, all those actions take place within a dynamic scenary supported by a web server interface that provides, under request and password protected, status of the campaign and the map among other relevant information. It also allows to program orders to both the units and the industries between game sessions, among many other features.

All this development would have been useless without the support and participation in the testing phase of some other spanish squads and the valuable involvement in the role of "commanders" of some of its pilots. Therefore we encourage you to take a look at the system and the detailed manual you can find in the "Downloads HRCODWAR" section.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have and pay a visit to our official forum so that we can give you detailed explanations and even to perform some guided tests.