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El Baul del avioncero justiciero- MOSCARDON DEL CIELO

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Macho es que lo tuyo necesita de un hilo propio. Si te parece dejamos este hilo fijo con los aviones que vas encontrando...

Ahora mismo no encuentro el Ju52 bombardero... Estaría bien ir poniendo una lista ampliable con los links a la descarga del susodicho y UNA sola imagen del mismo... ¿que te parece?

Hay que ver lo que hacen algunos por no usar nuestro maravilloso amigo el buscador... ;D

En fin, a ver que te parece este...

 Presenting a new set of Skyraiders, version 2.5

This pack represents more than a graphical upgrade - it is a complete overhaul, including numerous 3d tweaks, FM improvements, new loadouts and new weapons.

*Note: For carrier takeoffs, I recommend you use CatapultBoost=1 in your conf.ini or mission file.

Before installing this mod you must delete all previous versions of my Skyraiders, or you may have conflicts.

A few of the changes:

-New wings, tail, reshaped keel and rudder, new engine intake.
-Reshaped fuselage, glare protectors, wire and antennae.
-Rebalanced FM.
-New loadouts - A-1H and -1J now have different weapons loadouts and unique weapons.
-New default skins from Highlander_262
-FMB bug corrected (Birdman)
-Engine RPM issues fixed (Birdman)
-Wingtip collisions issues fixed (Birdman)

Update (v 2.5) - CRITICAL!
- Corrected a MAJOR problem with pylon weights, which was degrading performance far more than I thought. You should now have no problem taking off from a carrier or airstrip. Personally I've managed a rolling takeoff from a carrier with 3x2000lbs.
- New FM with reduced stall speed and decreased pitch / roll / yaw sensitivity to reduce wallowing. Now feels more like an attack aircraft. New S.L. top speed corrected to 290 kts.
- Excellent new engine model from Birdman, with much more accurate RPM and manifold readings.
- Adjusted head positions of A-1H and J pilots.
- Corrected skinning issues on wing internal parts (thanks Birdman).
- Removed pylons from "empty" loadouts.
- Increased 2.75" rocket velocity.

Update (v 2.4)
- Further FM tweaks for increased takeoff power and better low speed handling. RoC and drag are now more realistic as well (~290mph @ S.L.). I think it flies nicely, so I'm going to leave it alone for now unless someone reports a major problem.
- Added "seat up" cockpit position for carrier landings.
- Painted A-1H pilot's helmet white

Update (v 2.3)
- Further engine tweaks to reduce overheat.
- Corrected cockpit aim-down-sight position.

Update (v 2.2):
- Tweaked engine model to correct some overheating issues (thanks Birdman).

Update (v 2.1):
- Fixed wingtip and stab collision issues (thanks Birdman).
- Tweaked engine model. Added Water / Methanol injection and higher takeoff RPM (thanks Birdman).
- Straightened out elevators.
- Added cannon ammo to Mk.7 nuke loadout.

Download (v. 2.5):




*this patch for version 2.5 corrects the misplaced SUU-11 pylons on the A-1J. Just extract into your mods folder.


*this is a much more refined FM by Birdman. It matches real-world performance values very closely. I highly recommend using it. Just drop it into your CY6_Skyraiders folder. I've included it as a separate download because performance will be a bit toned down from the standard 2.5 FM, but it is much more realistic.





Special Thanks to:

Highlander_262 for skins and a new template.

Slikk For the new cockpit.

OC_Tiger for skins on the original Skyraider.

Beowolff for help testing.

Birdman for bug corrections.

AIRdomination for SUU-11 sound.

CirX and Sani for general help and advice.

SAS1946 for being such a great community and hosting my mods.




Hola soy Mosca, ¿habeis visto este avion?

Señores...otro avión de la guerra civil...

He45C "Pavo"

Ugly and sturdy, in direct continuation of late WW1 German assault biplanes, The He45C was the first bomber produced in Germany since the end WW1. It served in Spain as a recco/ assault bomber. It impressed the Spaniards by its huge size (compared to the diminutive He51 and Bf109) and its capacity to survive extensive damage - thus its nickname "Pavo" (peacock).

Download link:
He45C updated v1.1 - interference with I-16 cockpits corrected


Remember: this is a slow and heavy biplane but with a large wing area and extensive mobile surfaces (it has linked double ailerons) and this means:
- short take off distance but huge torque (you'll need 4-5 rudder trims on the right to take off without problems)
- very nimble plane - us this advantage to a maximum when attacked
- heavy plane - dive with extreme caution - there are no flaps nor dive brakes. The cruise speed is 220kmh' maximum speed is 290kmh, but in dive you''ll very fast overrun this limit..... and as soon as you reach 320kmh you'll begin to loose your upper wing - as expected for a biplane bomber....
- Although its capacity to suffer structural damage is quite high, pilot and gunner are terribly exposed, so most of the time they will got killed before he aircraft suffers really destructive damage. Above all, it seems that the AI makes the "aces" aim at gunner first at the pilot rather than at plane elements.

Of course this is a noisy plane with a lot of vibration that impair somehow reading the instruments (but not to the extent of the He46).

The AI of the gunner needs a few words - the gunner will shoot long bursts and rather often when the opponent are "rookies", shorter bursts and less often if the opponent are "average" or "veterans", and almost never if the opponents are "aces" - this makes sense to some extent.
However what doesn't make sense  is that the gunner keeps shooting up to the crash after the pilot has been killed.
If someone can help me with the code to make him bail when the pilot is killed, I'd deeply appreciate.

As you'll see there is a an early version of Stuvi/Revi on this plane, in accordance with epoch photos. It's not yet perfect - I'd appreciate help here too.

The bomb equipment is in accordance with photographic/ movie reel evidence. As a matter of fact the 4x50kg bombs were released as a salvo - if someone knows the java code for this, here too, I'd appreciate help.

The dynamo (aimed at furnishing electricity for the radio equipment) is not active - I have not seen any photo from the SCW period of He45 with antenna wire.

Damage models and Shadows included.

I included a basic template and an alternative skin (the color insignia is based on pics and movie reel evidence - there seems to have been an earlier all black insignia but I haven't found photo evidence for it) - once again I am a poor skinner - so the community is invited to improve both skins and template. Quite a number of paint schemes were tried on this aircraft, even including a ww1 type lozenge camo!

PS - additions to air.ini file:

He45           air.He45          NOINFO  i01   SUMMER

PS - name of skins folder:

Drop the included Paintschemes/skins/he45 folder at its appropriate place.

As usual:
This package is freeware.
This software may be freely used, copied and distributed with the following restrictions:
1) The readme file document must be included in any redistribution.
2) DO NOT place these files anywhere that requires a fee for downloading.
3) DO NOT place any of these files in any commercial package or any CD collection without the author's consent.

Skinners, cockpit specialists and FM gurus are welcome to try their hand at improving this plane - no need to ask permission for that.

Author: Dreamk
Contact address - SAS forum at
Thanks to Alge for his photos of the winshield and reflex visor of the "beast".

Theses files should not cause any problems with your computer, but we accept no responsibility if you think it does.

Thanks to Oleg Maddox and Qtim for creating Il2 and opening the gates to Mod creation, to Kumpel for his matrix tool, and thanks to SAS for enabling modders to share their knowledge on Il2 modding.

Hay que ver que bien me espreso  ;D

Hola chicos y chicas amantes del sushi, el sashimi y la compraventa de bragas de segunda mano...  :zas:

Bueno, os presento el Nakajima Ki-44 "Shoki" ,TOJO pa los amigos... un "recorte" del "mod-pack" de Tainan y que mandó algo de aluminio Yankie al fondo del mar durante la SGM . 

Ahora  no tenéis que descargar todo el paquete de 300MB para disfrutar del TOJO.
Y por otra parte, se ha corregido los valores límite de detección,
Sospecho que alguien los ha metido con estos en el JapanCat porque no estaba allí para ayudar
Para utilizar el Shoki necesitais losl ÚLTIMOS botones de SAS.

modelo 3D de JapanCat, y algunas correcciones de menor importancia (aunque algunos son  desastrosos) por el grupo de Tainan, creo... ;D

Descarga el Shoki:

Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

Mirror 3:

Extract the self-extracting file to your MODS folder.

Add to your air.ini:

Ki-44-II-Ko       air.KI_44_IIKO 2                      NOINFO  ja01  SUMMER

Añadir a

# Ki-44-II-Ko
Ki-44-II-Ko.default                      Default
Ki-44-II-Ko.2x60                         2 x 60kg. Bombs
Ki-44-II-Ko.2xdt130                      2 x Droptank(130 L.)
Ki-44-II-Ko.2xdt130+60                   2xDroptank(130L)+2x60kg
Ki-44-II-Ko.none                         Empty

Añadir a

Ki-44-II-Ko          Ki-44 II'Shoki'IIKo, 1942

Disfrute cómodamente masacrando occidentales desde su sillón!  :tatata:


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