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Ayer salió la versión 1.105 que trae algunas novedades, las más llamativas son el Bf-110 y los carros de combate tripulables (de momento T-34-76 y Pz III Ausf L, tripulables sólo en Multiplayer)

Aquí tenéis la lista completa del update:

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Main features:
1. German two-seater Bf 110 E-2 is available for all customers who pre-purchased Battle of Moscow. All other players can set is as AI plane in skirmish or scenario.
2. Player controlled tanks Pz III Ausf L and T-34-76 STZ (Autumn 1942 series) can be added to multiplayer missions. They can be controlled by one or two (driver and gunner) players.
3. Mouse control scheme added (experimental). Flight model is the same as with joystick control scheme (player points the mouse cursor in a direction he or she wants to fly and a special helper adjusts control surfaces to fly in that direction). Server owner can restrict control scheme to joystick if desired.
4. New flag object added that can be used in multiplayer missions for capturing objects and territories.
5. Planes made for Battle of Moscow are added to Battle of Stalingrad campaign as AI controlled planes based on their real life participation in the battle (they appear in certain time periods): La-5 ser.8, MC.202 ser.8, Bf 109 E-7, Bf 110 E-2, I-16 type 24 and P-40E-1. This makes the campaign more interesting and its chapters more diverse.
6. Head movement in cockpit limitation system changed:
0 - 30 km/h: you can stand up and lean your body outside (50 cm to the sides and 20 cm up, as it was before). This may be useful for taxiing.
30 - 50 km/h: you get back into cockpit, it's like you tighten your seat belts.
50 - 200 km/h: you can peek your eye a bit to look what's going on.
200 - 350 km/h: gradually you lose the ability to lean out completely.
350 km/h and above: you have the same head limits like in a closed cockpit.
Improvements if physics and systems modeling:
7. ATA limiter removed from P-40E-1 since there was none on this model. You can increase pressure above 45.5 for a limited time. If in-game engine helper is switched off (Expert mode), it won't return to normal values automatically after spending time limit, potentially breaking the engine.
8. Bf 109 F-4 and G-2 thermal balance corrected using 'African' reference: larger and larger radiator opening yields less and less cooling increase, which leads to necessity of opening radiator more at higher temperatures and during climb.
9. Bf 109 G-2 engine reacts to throttle axis in a more convenient way.
10. La-5 can no longer can be destroyed by engine shake.
11. La-5 can be landed without landing gear.
12. I-16 can be landed without landing gear.
13. Fw-190 can be landed without landing gear.
14. Pilot won't always die after nose-over.
15. Yak-1 pneumatic flaps extension speed increased (~80° per second while stationary, less at high speeds) based on learning video for Yak-15 with the same flaps system.
16. IL-2 pneumatic flaps extension speed increased (~33° per second at 200...220 km/h speeds) based on restored IL-2 flight video.
17. Bf 109 tail reinforced to make it more resistant to taxiing over rough ground.
18. Bf 109 G-2 ATA gauge shows correct information after starting a mission in air.
19. Bf 109 G-2 auto level works correctly at 2 km altitude and 500 km/h speed.
20. Damage system has been reworked (more accurate armor penetration calculations).
21. Tracers are randomized while shooting several MGs at once (this was an issue on P-40).
22. Ammo mass is reduced correctly while shooting several MGs or cannons of the same type.
23. Aircraft ground impact at high speeds now correctly causes a detonation (in previous version it could survive a shallow impact at 500+ km/h speeds).
24. Message in technochat about extending or retracting flaps is not displayed when they are fully extended or retracted.
25. Technochat symbol showing that engine assist is on is restored for Bf 109, Fw 190 and MC.202.
26. Bf 109 F-4 and Bf 109 G-2: technochat symbol restored showing that game radiator control helper is on. On-plane automatic radiator control symbol changed in technochat.
27. Gunner turrets rotate more smoothly.
28. Turret rotation smoothness tuned for large zoom values.
29. Mechanical aiming sight corrected on MC.202 ser.8.
30. Contrail appearance altitude now depends on season (temperature). Contrails are intermittent at the altitude of their appearance.
Artifical Intelligence improvements:
31. Ju-52, He-111 and Pe-2 take off better (course oscillating reduced at take off start).
32. AI controlled fighter carrying bombs or rockets now behaves like ground attack plane and doesn't enter combat on its own. If attacked, it will drop the bombs and engage.
33. The simulation will no longer crash while attempting to delete an AI controlled Ju-87 during its bombing run with siren switched on  :)
Other changes:
34. Fixed issue when impact angle wasn't calculated properly for ground vehicles.
35. AI controlled tanks armor structure made more detailed, they have correct armor angles and they can't be destroyed by hitting secondary parts if the main armor body is intact.
36. Target destruction messages ('player destroyed something') are visible only for the player coalition in multiplayer (so they won't reveal the player position to the enemy).
37. After capturing an airfield in multiplayer mission its symbol is updated properly.
38. DServer stability improved, it shouldn't crash after prolonged periods of time.
39. Wrong chat colors in multiplayer fixed.
30. Trees along the roads added to summer and autumn maps.
41. New feature: ability to automatically login and load a certain mission or replay. Use config file <game_folder>\data\autoplay.cfg.
42. Game log in time reduced.
43. Object textures in mission editor update after changing the map preset to another season.

Simuladores / Re:Elite: Dangerous flight log
« Último mensaje por Oso noviembre 24, 2015, 06:16:01 pm »
Beta de Elite Horizons retrasada hasta el 30 de noviembre:

Modernos / Re:Recursos Mi-8
« Último mensaje por Ootoito noviembre 23, 2015, 09:48:46 pm »

Fusilado del ESA
Segunda Guerra Mundial / Re:BOS??
« Último mensaje por Tofolo noviembre 23, 2015, 07:21:22 pm »
Estupenda notícia lo de los camaradas del ECV, a ver si sirve para darle un empujoncito a esto.

Sobre el server Fighting Legends, me pareció exageradamente descompensado. Sólo vi Fockes y algún f-4 despistado cuando no teníamos ni un Yak para defender el fuerte.

Ojalá llegue pronto esa CdG...
Segunda Guerra Mundial / Re:BOS??
« Último mensaje por pingu noviembre 23, 2015, 06:18:17 pm »
Recibido tumu, nos estamos quedando heladitos y paralizados, pero enseguida nos ponemos en marcha, ya verás.

Segunda Guerra Mundial / Re:BOS??
« Último mensaje por tumulario noviembre 23, 2015, 04:01:15 pm »
Hola camaradas.

Pasaba a ve si teniamos quedada BoS ... veo que la cosa no esta clara.

Por si no pasais por el foro de Il2 Bos comentaros un par de cosillas creo que interesantes.

Figthing legends:

Es un server germano que ha tenido muy buena acogida entre la comunidad, especialmente en el lado oscuro, se basa en no obligar a limitar las opciones en los aviones y mapas con objetivos relativamente proximos 3/4 sectores. De momento no monta stats pero las montara, es una alternativa que crece frente a wings of liberty, entramos pilotos freelance y tambien gente mas organizada, anoche vole un poco con unos tal IRRE ,en un momento dado eramos 7 pilotos, el primer vuelo fue de 3 il2 y 4 escoltas...  Anoche tambien habia un nutrido grupo de pilotos E69  arrasando posiciones y sembrando el panico.

Cielos de Guerra

Parece que estamos casi a punto de hostear una mision from spain.

En el foro de cielos de guerra  de il2 Bos , desde los ECV han colgado ya los settings para poder configurar el server para hostear cielos de guerra, tambien dan las instrucciones, como se carga la mision y como se reporta.
La linea que seguimos ahora es coordinarnos con algun ECV que genere la mision ( posiblemente Neca ) un host de aqui , ahora mismo Chajas se ha ofrecido. Volariamos la mision , la pasariamos a neca y la reportaria. Una cosa asi... pero bueno de aqui a que ellos mismos habiliten host y funcionemos autonomamente es un paso.
De momento estamos por hacer esta primera prueba, en cuanto sepa algo mas , hago lo posible por avisar a los Hrs , de momento , como en el viejo il2, parece que las fuerzas del Eje tienen mas adeptos que los aliados.


PD: si alguno entra a volar BoS y esta solito en su ts, que pruebe en el ts del RedEye.
Segunda Guerra Mundial / Re:BOS??
« Último mensaje por MigSu noviembre 21, 2015, 04:23:02 am »
 De hecho, el susodicho me ha borrado ya hoy un post, que interesante, a el nene no le gusta que hablen donde se supone que es para hablar. Joder y sobre algo que no he inventado yooo, vamos. El asunto ese del puto Mouse  :(
Modernos / Re:Recursos Mi-8
« Último mensaje por Zal noviembre 20, 2015, 11:50:16 am »
Añadido documento de ayuda para la preparación de la misión: explica cómo rellenar la hoja de preparación de la misión usando las tablas del documento de referencia de preparativos de misión.
Modernos / Re:Recursos Mi-8
« Último mensaje por Zal noviembre 20, 2015, 08:45:39 am »
Gracias camaradas!

Editado enlace del último PDF por corrección de un error de cálculo.
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