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Desinstalar, bajarse el IL2_setup.exe desde vuestro perfil y volver a instalar.  :M8:

 La próxima actualización viene con el G2

Cita de: BlackSix
Hello everyone!
 Today we've decided to answer some of the most topical questions that you ask us on the forums. But now some important news about early access: please, uninstall the game completely before you update it later today. Then download the fresh client version from your profile page and install it again. Please, do not download the game and do not update before we give a green light.. Note, that you can back-up the "input" folder and use it in the updated game version, if you want to keep your personal control settings.
 Now - questions and answers, and a couple of important and interesting announcements bellow them.

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 Also today we invite you to join us in developing unlockable content for the game. I'm speaking about actual part in creating it. As you know, there are at least 10 extra skins per each plane that will be added as unlockables. Obviously, there are dozens of candidates but we want to have only the most remarkable, the most recognizable ones.  So we suggest you to pick those skins that you'd love to see in the game.
 Use internet, books, albums and any other sources and references that can provide you info about our planes - and keep in mind that only our planes with their specific series count.
 What is important:
 - open a topic about a plane that is announced to be in BOS
 - find a picture of the skin you like and that you want to be added
 - post the picture (-s)
 What is NOT important:
 - the skin you choose may have not been fighting the Battle of Stalingrad
 - it may be some ace's plane with its unique markings and paint scheme
 - it may be any nation's squadron plane (Polish, French, Italian, etc.)
 In a few weeks we'll pick the skins that are good for the game. We are counting on you, pilot! Let's bring only the best to our game.
LaGG-3 series 29
Bf 109 F-4
IL-2 AM-38 (in 1942)
Ju 87 D-3
Yak-1 series 69
Bf 109 G-2
Pe-2 series 87 and 110
He 111 H-6
La-5 series 8
Fw 190 A-3
 And the second announcement for today - adding Bf 109 G-2 is scheduled for the next early access session. And check out these unlocks that will be available for the fighter.

Full news
You can ask new questions in this thread
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If I´m not wrong, you need to map all these ports:

Hi again,
the system now seems to be working: mission loads fine, i don't get any more errors BUT the dedi server won't show on the servers list and won't be accessible via direct IP either.
I googled around a bit and found that the server IP needs to be put into the confs.ini, so i went and did it in both MyDocuments\1CSoft.....\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - MOD and in the may Steam\Steamapps\.........\IL-2 sturmovik Cliffs of Dover forlders.

Still, the server won't show up!
I forwarded the port i see in the confs.ini (27015) both TCP and UDP just in case.

Any clue ???
thanks for the very clear explaination of the steps!
I now am able to get the logs and apparently the mission starts fine  [mujaidin]

It was infact a path problem!
I had      missLoad "missions\hrcodwars\hrcodwar.mis"     instead of     missLoad "missions\hrcodwar\hrcodwar.mis"  :tillo: :tillo: :tillo: :tillo:

Thanks again for the help!
Much appreciated.

I will now try to complete the final steps of the guide to finally get to mission 1.
I'll report back if i end in more issues :)
Ok Kid, don´t worry , step by step ;)

The logs files are quite important and you need configure your config files for it. You have two types of logs, one for your "machine client" and another for your "machine server".

Client -> C:\Users\Spectre\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\log.txt
Server -> C:\Users\Spectre\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\logs.txt

The different is the "s" letter referenced to "server.

Client -> log.txt -> You need edit  C:\Users\Spectre\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\conf.ini and go to [Console] section, you must read something like that (if not, please, change it).


Server -> logs.txt -> You need edit  C:\Users\Spectre\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\confs.ini (same history :))


Now, the problem. It's very strange... are you sure that hrcodwar folder is inside of missions folder??

I mean, this exist?

C:\Users\Spectre\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\missions\hrcodwar\hrcodwar.mis

Maybe, you have something wrong like:

C:\Users\Spectre\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\hrcodwar\hrcodwar.mis
C:\Users\Spectre\Documents\1C SoftClub\il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover - MOD\hrcodwar\hrcodwar\hrcodwar.mis

Other stuff, If you edit your hrcodwar.mis you must have something like this:

  MAP Land$English_Channel_1940
  BattleArea 227000 196000 90000 75000 2500
  TIME 10
  WeatherIndex 2
  CloudsHeight 2379
  BreezeActivity 10
  ThermalActivity 10

You don´t have this line? -->  MAP Land$English_Channel_1940

This file is always empty of units and another objects, because the campaign is dynamically generated and all the objects are created "on fly" (with submissions created in the moment), so this is normal, the only data will be changed is the TIME, WeatherIndex  and CloudsHeight.

But, I dont think the problem come from there, the problem is the Server can´t find the mis file.

Look, the hrcodwar.cmd in my local/development/beta environment :) is:

difficulty AntropomorphicControl 0
difficulty ComplexEManagement 1
difficulty TorqueGyroEffects 1
difficulty EngineTemperatureEffects 1
difficulty FlutterEffects 1
difficulty WindTurbulence 1
difficulty StallSpins 1
difficulty Vulnerabilty 1
difficulty BlackoutsRedouts 1
difficulty Realisticgunnery 1
difficulty RealisticBombing 1
difficulty LimitedAmmo 1
difficulty LimitedFuel 1
difficulty CockpitAlwaysOn 1
difficulty NoOutsideViews 0
difficulty HeadShake 1
difficulty NoIcons 1
difficulty NoPadlock 1
difficulty Clouds 1
difficulty TakeoffLanding 1
difficulty RealisticLandings 1
difficulty NoMapIcons 0
difficulty NoMinimapPath 0
difficulty NoAutopilot 1
difficulty NoReplacementPlace 0
difficulty NoReplacement 0
difficulty NoSelect 0
difficulty NoReplacementArmy 0
difficulty NoSelectArmy 0
difficulty NoCreate 0
missLoad "missions\hrcodwar\hrcodwar.mis"
battle start

You have something like that?, I think you have a problem of path files ;)
HR Codwar / Re:Hi Halcones Rojos
« Último mensaje por EAF92_Brigstock Abril 17, 2014, 11:31:33 pm »
NP Naglfar

We will wait until called into action

Diario de Guerra / Re:Vuela hoy alguien?
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Alguno se anima a echar unos vuelos?
Hi Kid!! and welcome to our house ;)

One question, are you launch the mission in the dedicated server ( window?, you know, with:

missLoad missions/hrcodwar/hrcodwar.mis ?

If this is correct, what messages are showing? , yo can copy&paste the logs.txt.

Here is a screeshot of the console as i can't copy/paste from the dedi server's cmd and don't know where to find the log.txt (sorry, pretty new to this stuff!) .
It basically sais it can't find the mission file (first section) and then that the .mis has no map in it, alotugh if i open in from the game itself i can see the map and grid, just no units.

(and no, i was running it from in-game server :P )
Hi Kid!! and welcome to our house ;)

One question, are you launch the mission in the dedicated server ( window?, you know, with:

missLoad missions/hrcodwar/hrcodwar.mis ?

If this is correct, what messages are showing? , yo can copy&paste the logs.txt.
Hi Naglfar,
thanks for answering to this!

Specifically, i'm stuck at step 7.
I did double check the configs and everything just to make sure, everything is fine.
What i am missing is how to "merge" the 2 templates.

When i do start the simulator (server side) should i select the hrcodwar.mis ?
Or it's something else ?
Because when i start that one, all i get is an empty map (instead i expect it to be the 2 templates merged).

Sorry but english not being my language plus translation mistakes on some parts of the guide are making things a bit confused  ;D

EDIT: Forgot to mention that i'm testing the system using a localhost-ed website
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