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HRCodWar, english speaking community / Couple of questions
« en: Marzo 21, 2014, 03:24:46 pm »
Hi guys, thanks for releasing the source code, it's very interesting to see how people go about things. I've not yet got the campaign installed and running, but I have had time while commuting to and from work to have a look through bits of the code.

A couple of questions
1) Is there any chance of getting some translations in the cs comments? I don't speak any Spanish and so I'm very much stuck with understanding the comments and the logic behind some of the functions.

2) Is there a reason why you don't seem to use SQL to store information?

3) Where did you find the documentation or explanation of some of the inbuilt CloD functionality? I had no idea there was a server kick command for example. Was this worked out by testing and trial and error, or is it documented somewhere?

I'm sure I'll have some more questions as I get into it.



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