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HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Octubre 22, 2014, 07:04:14 am »
Okay, that clears up one major issue.  I was really confused why we kept getting kicked out of the guns.  I though it was something I was doing wrong with the server settings or something.  So you actually made it do that on purpose, because it doesn't track or enforce the player status while in a ground object.  I understand that, but I am actually happy that it does not track the player.  Our idea was to use it as a means to let people play who had been killed as a pilot, since they can't fly again.  Just a simple way to playing something, outside of the penalty system.  So commenting that one section out of the code makes it work almost exactly how I was hoping it would. ;D

Even if it will revert the vehicle position to where it started instead of where it had been driven to, I doubt that's ever going to be more than a single 10km sector anyway.

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Octubre 16, 2014, 06:15:56 am »
Just confirming that the reused units are no longer double scoring in the new version.

But I have a potentially big question about how penalties are enforced.  We've been trying for a couple weeks to add in more penalty settings for various events, like ditching and bailing.  And I was hoping to separate injury penalties from captures and deaths.  Although we may be close to figuring out how to add more than the current 3 penalties, we haven't gotten it to work yet.

But perhaps a bigger issue for some ideas we have for our campaign, is the possibility of changing the penalty enforcement trigger.  Right now, it appears that it kicks you out of the server if you are under any penalty time, and you are connected (or trying to reconnect).  We would love to change it so that the penalty enforcement triggers when you try to take off in the plane (wheels up, not just spawning), as opposed to simply being on the server.  This will allow players who have been killed/captured, to still play as a flak gunner or tank commander, if they want to, instead of just having to leave.  We think it will help us hold better attendance throughout missions, allowing people to stay online and play, while still maintaining our "one life" (as a pilot) policy.  We're poking around with the cs, and are trying to figure these things out ourselves, but we'd appreciate a hint. ;)  Is this a simple change in code, where we call on a different event (for takeoff), or would this be really complicated to achieve?

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Octubre 14, 2014, 08:33:17 am »
Got it, thanks.

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Octubre 08, 2014, 10:30:10 am »
Unless I did something wrong, the Beaverette is still scoring double points when killed as a regular unit.  It might be best to just not reuse a vehicle also contained in a supply column.  Then we don't have to worry about it. ;)

The AAA movement order is working now, and doesn't grab the artillery with it anymore.  Thank you.

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Octubre 02, 2014, 07:38:17 am »
We haven't changed (yet) any of the ground unit assignments.  Your default units are all distinct for light and heavy AAA and artillery, so that's not the issue.  It's doing it for both teams.

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 30, 2014, 03:03:35 am »
When entering move orders for "aaas", it also moves artillery type units.  If moving aaa and artillery out of the same sector, into different sectors, the artillery must be listed first, or else it gets caught up in the aaa order.

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 30, 2014, 01:04:26 am »
One more small mistake to report.  The Flak30_Shield is missing from the velocidades.json.  You can still move them with manually typed orders, but the "drag and drop" map interface is broken for them.  Without the sector limit, it seems to default to 1 sector as a fail safe, while its Allied counterpart gets 2 sectors.

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 24, 2014, 03:56:10 am »
That was it!!! :XDDDD: Thank you so much.  Obviously that was one of the files that we had to change so it worked for our website and map, and it was done before we knew about the format.  We must have grabbed the old version and put it into our clean reinstall, which just corrupted it again. :tillo:  Of course it was something stupid.  Again, thank you, we really appreciate your time to help us out.  I'm exited to jump back in and get stuff going!

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 23, 2014, 01:18:42 am »
I checked the mime.types file.  That line is not commented out.  It already looks like:

application/json      json

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 21, 2014, 08:26:02 pm »
Yeah, I'm sure it will be something simple.  That's what makes it so frustrating not finding it, stopping our progress. >:( 

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 19, 2014, 08:05:10 pm »
Unfortunatley, it's not proving to be that simple.  We've checked for extra characters in the services.php (a file we never touched), and it's clean.  We checked the file format for the hrcodwar.cs, and made sure to resave any file we've ever gone into, and confirmed it was in UTF8 w/o BOM format.  Still, we get the same error when it tries to contact the website for the order files.  We cleared out the website and server installs, and completely reinstalled everything on both.  And we're getting the same error.   ???

II./JG1_Spies is the one who hosts our website, and he's said that you guys can have permission to the ftp, if you'd ever consider checking on it for this problem.  We're not sure what else to try. :tillo:

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 14, 2014, 04:40:38 am »
Not a problem at all.  Thanks for taking a look whenever you can.  We've got plenty to keep busy in the mean time. :)

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 13, 2014, 01:09:10 pm »
We certainly appreciate what you guys have done here.  The more we get into it and learn the system, the more impressive it is.  And I have to say, in many of the server messages, we get a good laugh at the personality you put into it, instead of just dull messages. ;D

A few months ago, we were debating what to do with our community, and considered moving from the old IL-2 over to CLOD.  When we came across your project, it was one of the deciding factors to make the jump.  We're lucky you released it at the right time when we were looking for something just like it, or else face the huge task of trying our own from the ground up.  Even more, your willingness to help, and be open to people modifying things (which we're exited to try) is really terrific.  We'd be happy to send over our English files when we think we've got them in a complete state.  We're still going through things as we become exposed to new parts.

Our big road block right now is getting the orders to come through again.  Still not really sure what happened to break that.  We're doing a complete reinstall of everything, and crossing our fingers. ;)

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 10, 2014, 11:17:00 am »
The clue on the points being 1 if not in the puntos.json helped us track it down.  Thanks.  After killing many things and checking the score one by one, it wound up being the airfield resource buildings.  They were what was counting as 1 point, and giving us those weird scores.  They are not missing from the puntos.json, but they are mis-named.

This is what they are listed as in the default puntos.json:

But when I eventually checked the eventos.json, after destroying them, they were being called by different names than above.  When I changed the puntos.json to match what the eventos.json was calling them, it fixed it, and they are now scored as 100.  It needed to be this:

Is this only an issue when playing with the English version enabled?  Or could this be happening to you guys as well?

HRCodWar, english speaking community / Re:Many Questions
« en: Septiembre 08, 2014, 12:14:23 pm »
Thanks for taking a look.  Sorry if it seem like I'm piling on, but there are a couple other things we keep having trouble with.  I am hoping they are just something simple that I've messed up or don't understand.  That way it's an easy fix. ;)

The orders haven't been processing for a while.  We had them working a few weeks ago, made supply columns, moved units around, etc, but after a campaign reset, they stopped working.  I had reset the files in the same manner a few times before, so I'm not sure of anything I could have done, since they had been working previously before and after other resets.  If you are running tests with our folder, could you please tell me if the commander orders are working for you or not?  That way we know if it's our server forlder, or our website install.  The orders appear to be saving properly from the map interface to the order files.  The game server tries to contact the website to process the orders files, but then it gives a lengthy error, and they do not take effect.  I tried reinstalling parts, but no luck, and I'm out of ideas to try. :-\  Here's the server error when it tries to contact the website for the orders:

The other issue is unfortunately still some confusion with the scoring.  Sometimes it adds up perfectly, makes sense with everything that happened in the mission report, and matches the numbers in the puntos.json file.  Other times, it doesn't, and I can't figure out why.  We know of the Beaverette problem counting as double, but even when we avoid the Beaverette, we're getting team scores that end in 3 or 4.  Am I misunderstanding some part of the system?  Everything in the puntos.json ends in a 0 or a 5.  How could we be getting scores that end in 3 or 4?

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