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HRCodWar, english speaking community / Many Questions
« en: Agosto 15, 2014, 12:30:02 am »
Hi, I am part of the Ghost Skies team that is looking to put together a campaign for CLOD.  We have been very impressed with your campaign system, and have been learning and testing things with it for a little while now.  We're coming from a dynamic campaign for the old IL-2 that allowed the use of moving columns during the mission.  From what we can see so far, HRCodWar supports only static tanks, trucks, etc, not moving ones.  They can be repositioned between missions, but nothing is actually driving around during gameplay.  I just want to confirm that this is correct.  And if so, would you guys consider adding support for live moving units during a mission?  In our old campaign we found that this feature greatly added to the dynamic aspect of each mission and made the interaction between air and ground forces a lot more fun, seeing the world alive.  Do you think it would be worth doing?

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