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Temas - II./JG1_Spies

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HRCodWar, english speaking community / Seting up HRCODWAR
« : junio 07, 2014, 09:21:33 am »

We are making the switch from IL-2 1946 to CloD in Ghost Skies and we decided to use your campaign system since it will fit our requirements for a dynamic campaign.

I'm having a few issues figuring out how the server communicates with the website.

After I stop the mission, this is what I see in the console

Código: [Seleccionar]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: bandos.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN bandos_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: bases.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN bases_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: briefing.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN briefing_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: centrales.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN centrales_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: escuadrones.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN escuadrones_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: eventos.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN eventos_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: fabricas.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN fabricas_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: pilotos.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN pilotos_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: puertos.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN puertos_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: refinerias.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN refinerias_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: unidades_aliadas.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN unidades_aliadas_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: unidades_destruidas.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN unidades_destruidas_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: unidades_eje.json ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN unidades_eje_json)) ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Sending data: conf.ini ]
Server: [HRCODWAR - Answer ((ERROR EN conf_ini)) ]

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong?

Another issue is that I'm not able to see any map in the website.
When I log as a commander, I can only see this message "Did not match reports of the battle."


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