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I'm glad to read that!! ;D

And you are good doing this ;)
You never know what life will throw at you!  [73]
Anyways, now that everything seems to work, i want to thank you for all the help.
I won't forget "Halcones Rojos"  ;D

Hi again,
things look fine! Server starts, mission loads and everything :)

About the squad, i don't have any due lack of time for gaming in general lately.
I decided to dive into the hrcodwar system for pure curiosity after finding it by mistake (i love learning new things, especially when it comes to computers and servers and stuff!)  :tclas:

Im too Kid ;) , anyway remember, you never find your own server in internet tab, if you are hosting and playing from the same machine, you must connect to your server in lan tab, but your comrades will see your server in internet tab  ;)
Yes i know this, thanks for pointing it out anyways!
I'm cooperating with a friend for the testing  :tclas:

If I´m not wrong, you need to map all these ports:

thanks for yet again a kind answer!
I'm out for a lil vacation now, i'll test as soon as i'm back and report  :D

Hi again,
the system now seems to be working: mission loads fine, i don't get any more errors BUT the dedi server won't show on the servers list and won't be accessible via direct IP either.
I googled around a bit and found that the server IP needs to be put into the confs.ini, so i went and did it in both MyDocuments\1CSoft.....\IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - MOD and in the may Steam\Steamapps\.........\IL-2 sturmovik Cliffs of Dover forlders.

Still, the server won't show up!
I forwarded the port i see in the confs.ini (27015) both TCP and UDP just in case.

Any clue ???

thanks for the very clear explaination of the steps!
I now am able to get the logs and apparently the mission starts fine  [mujaidin]

It was infact a path problem!
I had      missLoad "missions\hrcodwars\hrcodwar.mis"     instead of     missLoad "missions\hrcodwar\hrcodwar.mis"  :tillo: :tillo: :tillo: :tillo:

Thanks again for the help!
Much appreciated.

I will now try to complete the final steps of the guide to finally get to mission 1.
I'll report back if i end in more issues :)

Hi Kid!! and welcome to our house ;)

One question, are you launch the mission in the dedicated server ( window?, you know, with:

missLoad missions/hrcodwar/hrcodwar.mis ?

If this is correct, what messages are showing? , yo can copy&paste the logs.txt.
Here is a screeshot of the console as i can't copy/paste from the dedi server's cmd and don't know where to find the log.txt (sorry, pretty new to this stuff!) .
It basically sais it can't find the mission file (first section) and then that the .mis has no map in it, alotugh if i open in from the game itself i can see the map and grid, just no units.

(and no, i was running it from in-game server :P )

Hi Naglfar,
thanks for answering to this!

Specifically, i'm stuck at step 7.
I did double check the configs and everything just to make sure, everything is fine.
What i am missing is how to "merge" the 2 templates.

When i do start the simulator (server side) should i select the hrcodwar.mis ?
Or it's something else ?
Because when i start that one, all i get is an empty map (instead i expect it to be the 2 templates merged).

Sorry but english not being my language plus translation mistakes on some parts of the guide are making things a bit confused  ;D

EDIT: Forgot to mention that i'm testing the system using a localhost-ed website

Hi everyone,
first of all congratulations to the developers of this awesome system!
Now, to the point of this help request!

I've installed everything by following the installation guide provided, but i can't find any procedure explained to make the system analize the 2 templates (allied and axis ones) to create the first mission.
Any help in this regard will be very appreaciated :)

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